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Making Every Network More Reliable

  • Making Every Network More Reliable
    Keeping Planes in the Air and
    Lights on in Times Square.
  • Remote Reboot
    I want to make sure my kiosks stay up and running - without going onsite.
    Don't take a trip just to reboot a crashed system. Keep your network running, your customers happy and your revenues on track with iBoot.
    Learn More about Dataprobe Remote Reboot and Power Control
  • Protection Switching
    I'm running a critical network,
    and downtime isn't an option.
    Don't risk network availability. Get immediate and automatic
    failover with Dataprobe protection switches.
  • Monitoring and Control
    I don't have time to go onsite every time
    I need to close a gate.
    Don't waste time operating non-networked devices. Bring command and control systems onto your network and start saving time and money with Dataprobe monitoring and control.
    Learn More about Dataprobe Remote Site Management
Network Power Switch from Dataprobe
  • Reduce Site Visits
  • Automatic and Network Control
  • UL Listed
  • Single and Multi-Outlet Solutions
Learn More about Remote Reboot
Redundancy and FallBack Switching
  • Minimize Downtime Duration
  • Automatic Protection Switching
  • Single A/B or Large Gangs
  • Layer 1, Ultra Reliable Protection
Learn More about A/B Switches for Reliable Networks
Contacts Over Ethernet
  • Transport Contact Closures
  • SNMP Manage Digital I/O
  • Collect and Distribute Alarms
  • Real Time Web Monitoring
Learn More about Contact closure transport.

Making Every Network More Reliable by
Limiting the Costs of Downtime.

Whether you're managing a critical network, an enterprise IT system or a digital signage network, downtime hurts. With Dataprobe reliability solutions, you can save time, money and stress, and make sure your network is available when you need it.

Minimize downtime, eliminate expensive service calls, cut energy costs, keep your customers happy and generate more revenue - contact us today to get started.

Best Sellers

iBoot Web Power Switch
iBoot: Single outlet networked power controller for remote reboot, energy management and security.
iBootBar.  Managed PDU with Web Control
iBootBar: Eight independently controlled outlets in one PDU, with current sensing and configurable power distribution; controlled via Ethernet over the Internet.
iPIO Contact Closure Transport over the network
iPIO: Transport Contact Closures across the network with real-time network monitor and control