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iBoot-G2+ Support.

This Page supports iBoot-G2+ (SKU 1410035)

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Support Materials

Operations Manuals
iBoot-G2+ Manual
iBoot Cloud Service Setup Guide
Quick Start Guide
Get your iBoot-G2+ up and running fast
iBoot-EXP Manual
iBoot Tips and Tricks
Tips and Tricks contain helpful ways to get the most out of your iBoot. They are emailed automatically to our on-line purchasers.
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Device Management Utility
  • Network Discovery
  • Set IP
  • Factory Defaults
  • Load Firmware
Control Utility
Control your iBoot programatically with this executable. Numerous batch file examples to get you started.
Source code for utility in C
Current Firmware
Version 1.21.80
iBoot Utility Program
iBoot Utility & Documentation Heartbeat Generator and Graceful Shutdown Manager
Install File:
Utility Documentation
DxP Resources
DxP Protocol Documentation
DxP Programming Examples
EZ Term

Terminal Emulation Program for Telnet and Serial

General Support

Contact Tech Support
Phone: (201) 934-5111
Forum: Dataprobe Support Forum
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Support Videos
iBoot: Getting Started


iBoot: AutoPing


iBoot: Firmware Upgrade


iBoot: What's in the Box
Replacement Parts and Accessories
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